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Project Management Professional Certification

Computer Certifications Training ProgramsProject management professional (PMP) certifications often go hand-in-hand with experience in raising the both the qualifications of management personnel and a company's ability to attract clients. Competition in the marketplace for project management positions is fierce. At the same time, there are continuous listings on job boards for qualified project managers in technical, financial, and manufacturing industries. It's no wonder that new and experienced managers alike are seeking project management professional certifications to clarify their expertise to prospective employers.

If you're new to the project management field, or simply want an edge in the marketplace, PMP certifications are a powerful benchmark in the industry. An estimated 75,000 managers with PMP certifications are employed in more than 100 countries. The test for certifications is a multiple-choice exam, made available all around the world. The exam measures a candidate's skills in determining job quality, in project scheduling, risk assessment, resource procurement, and team/management communications.

Specific, clear curriculum
Typically, PMP certification courses are finely tuned to match industry-wide standards for project control, risk response, management ethics, project closeout and auditing. You'll learn tested methodology for beginning a project, coordinating your team and materials throughout, and troubleshooting techniques when inevitable troubles arise. Classes cover project tracking against initial goals, developing and maintaining efficiency among the project team members, resolving conflicts, and juggling resources.

Graduates of PMP certification programs agree to adhere to a standardized code of professional conduct, which also makes them attractive job candidates. When you hold a PMP certification, employers know you've mastered skill sets that ensure that projects meet or exceed their expectations.

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