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CISA Certification

Computer Certifications Training ProgramsYou already know that businesses must keep scrupulous financial records for tax and business purposes. However, this is also true of computer data and technical information. A tremendous amount of information is kept in digital format, so scheduled check-ups, financial data, personnel records, and administrative files must be in proper working order at all times for any business to function properly. Training you to check these records for accuracy, consistency, and vulnerabilities is the main purpose of CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certification.

What is CISA certification?
Established in 1978, CISA certification basically signals to employers that you possess a working knowledge of computer systems, data management, financial accounting, information systems, network security, and IT auditing. Given the wide range of duties and the number of disciplines you must master, most would agree that the CISA certification is one of the most coveted qualifications you can have.

What sort of job will certification prepare you for?
The certification is designed for those who want to audit (whether internally or externally) companies and organizations that require strict record keeping within their computer networks. However, given the range of skills one acquires, it’s not uncommon for people to become certified public accountants (CPA), computer specialists, business professionals, or tax attorneys shortly after completing their CISA certification. Suffice to say that you will be qualified for a wide variety of jobs in industries as disparate as medicine and entertainment. The need for more auditing will only increase as computers become more integrated into daily business.

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